Bad Grammar in Blogging does not exists

Bad Grammar in Blogging does not exists

Yesterday, I have a comment about bad grammar in my blog and I feel that this people is just trying to let people down and asking people to stop blogging. First off all, even big time blogger who earns 5 to 6 figures income have bad grammar. Moreover, English is not my mother tongue. I could speak at least 4 languagues. If you could do as much without having grammar mistake in all languages and at the same time not a student or anything related to linguistic, I will salute you.

By blogging, I strongly that I am writing better, and I tend to read much more. So why not give others a chance to become better. One thing I know for sure is that language could not be learn by book, practice is needed. This is what I am doing here and writing about something I like.

Therefore, I hope that all bloggers do not get discourage with people commenting like that. You should welcome correction on your grammar or any mistake you have done but not insult of any kind. They are just not giving others a chance to be better person.

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