Blogs with Top Commentators WordPress plugin

Blogs with Top Commentators WordPress plugin

With a bunch of new updates of Page Rank (PR) from Google, there is high Page Rank blogs out there where you could obtain free links with little work done. There is a lot of ups and downs where you see blogs with high PR going down and some with low PR getting to high PR.

Top commentators is one of many common WordPress Plugins which are installed in WordPress blogs. After some research and searching for blogs with this plugins, I have complied a list of blogs which you can go to get some free links by just commenting.

If you are shy to ask for a link because you think that your blog is new and no one on this earth will exchange link with you, this is a good method to obtain some link.

PageRank 7

PageRank 6

PageRank 5

PageRank 4

PageRank 3

PageRank 2

PageRank 1


Use this list wisely and you will be able to benefit from traffics of this websites and maybe some Page Rank juice when Google updates the next round.

This is a huge list, let me know if you have a blog which have Top Commentators plugin installed or if there is any changes or broken links in the blog listed.

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