Secure VPN Connection with vps hosting

Secure VPN Connection with VPS Hosting

Recently found a great deal on a really tiny VPS hosting. It is only a 128mb OpenVZ VPS with 500GB of bandwidth, but sufficient for me to have it setup with PPTP VPN and then use it to browse around. This is a VPS hosting in the United States, but I am also in the US and manage to get some friends to test out the connectivity. Streaming video on Hulu is actually decent from Malaysia and also Singapore. I am assuming my friends are using UniFi in Malaysia.about:blank

For me, there is still good use of this VPN as I can secure my connection when I am using a public WiFi. Next plan is to install OpenVPN to see if that works well on this little VPN as well. I follow an online guide for the steps to setup PPTP VPN on OpenVZ VPS hosting. It is quite straight forward and done in like 2 hours because the enabling of PPP via SolusVM actually needs to be done slowly. I disable it and waited it to reboot completely then enable it again, also wait for it to reboot. Then the PPP Works fine!

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