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If you like to make money online, this is actually what you should think of rather than following others by making money by blogging. I have actually tried taking a business that is already doing under the brick and motar method. Then convert it into online business. That business actually makes more money in terms of time spend to make a certain money. Of course this business will most probably limited to geographical region but you still could sell service that has no boundary right?

The beauty of this business is that people actually look for you rather than you looking for your customer. It is all about Internet Marketing. Currently, it is easy to do that because you will be the pioneer and getting the strong keyword before anyone else. You will have to try the long tail keyword or the long tail market. For example, trying to sell watch, used car, insurance, fishing equipment or any other deals you could make with the retailer. Or maybe you could sell Swine Flu Mask right now.

Finding the right product to sell will be the crucial first step. Because you will have to think if there is competitor, if there is demand, if someone would purchase this online, if someone would search for this product online, if you are ready to sell this product, if you are doing marketing online/offline and a lot of other questions that will be similar to starting a business offline.

Similar to make money blogging, it is not an easy task and majority of people would actually quite before they see any result, but for those who persisted and work harder than the rest would actually see the pot of gold at the end of mountain.

If you have something that would work, you can let me know, and we could do a join venture on the product too

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